Code of Ethics Our Standards

Our Standards of Professional Conduct

This code establishes clear and ethical parameters for the National Association of Real Estate Inspectors (NAREA). Failure to uphold these professional standards is grounds for temporary suspension or revocation of membership. NAREA members must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Members must respect the professional reputation of other association members. Members shall foster and maintain transparency (and particularly fairness and impartiality) in all matters relating to appraisal assignments. Members shall strive to maintain and improve professional standards in the real estate valuation field and be willing to assist NAREA to that end. Members must respect the confidential relationship with other association members as well as the confidential nature of the appraiser/client relationship. Members shall accept only those assignments that he/she has the ability to perform in a competent and professional manner. Members must not accept appraisal assignments evidencing a conflict of interest. Members must not engage in any illegal or sub-professional conduct during the course of an appraisal assignment. In promoting an appraisal practice and in obtaining appraisal assignments, members must avoid misleading advertising that would be detrimental to the public interest. Members must comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Members must understand the recognized methods and techniques that are necessary to produce a credible, professional appraisal. In writing an appraisal report, members shall communicate the valuation opinion in a manner that is not misleading and can be easily understood by the appraisal client.